About Us

In Eyefly we believe that we are in a constant race to exceed our own expectations in the performance of the technology we manufacture. This has become an integral part of our values, as we continuously strive to deliver the most advanced products in the industry.

Our team of developers keeps a vigilant-eye towards major trends in the industry as well as technological breakthroughs that will have a direct impact on the implementation of our products.


To take the ideas of our clients to a superior visualization level through the functionality that these interactive technologies can offer, such as virtual reality and augmented reality.


Value for Money

Our rates are highly
competitive according to
industry standards.


From the resolution of our graphics
to the attention we pay to
technical details in each project, we meet
the highest quality standards.


A complete immersion in our customer’s idea
allows us to fully understand
and fulfill their expectations.


Nicolás Serrano
Co-CEO & Partner

He has an organized mind and thinks strategically, which allows him to serve as co-CEO of the company. Since he was 18 years old, he has seen entrepreneurship as a way to transform his life and to contribute to society. He speaks 3 languages. BBA from Franklin University.

Cristian Morales
Co-CEO & Partner

Co-CEO & Partner. Speaks several languages including English, Norwegian and Spanish. He is passionate about technology and believes that it is a tool that is changing the world. In his opinion, entrepreneurship is an excellent way to create and promote sustainable development. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway.

Oliver Sitán
Chief Technology Officer & Partner

With ample experience in the industry of the development of technological solutions and virtual reality, he is in charge of the creation and application of the technologies used for our products. Winner of the "Global Archiact Jam" 2017 in Canada. His technical knowledge has enabled him to launch two independent games, as well as several publications in video game events.

Martín Balsells
Development Director

Computer Systems Engineer. His creative nature allows him to think, imagine and create concrete solutions to existing problems.

Christian Monroy
Chief Finacial Officer & Partner

Strategic Director- He has served as financial manager of Real Estate Developers with regional presence, as well as in private equity funds. He also holds a Civil Engineer Degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Tulane University.

Eduardo Castillo
Board Member & Partner